What You Should Look for in a Trust and Wills Lawyer

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A Chicago trusts and estate lawyer may assist you with a range of matters, such as estate planning, setting up a trust to safeguard your assets, and carrying out a will that expresses your desires about your possessions. They can also help with a lot of other relevant problems, such tax law problems. Davis and Associates lawyers have extensive expertise and are prepared to help you navigate the legal system.

The goal of the business is to give clients effective and thorough legal representation. They provide services in company law, litigation, trust administration, and probate and estate preparation. Small enterprises, families, and individuals are among their clientele. This firm’s lawyers are committed to giving each of its clients individual attention and support as they work toward their objectives.

When it comes to leaving your possessions to the people you care about after death, a trust and a will are both crucial instruments. A trust saves your family the trouble of going through the probate procedure, while a will specifies how you want your possessions to be divided.

You may choose which of these two papers is best for you by understanding their differences with the assistance of an attorney who specializes in this area of the law. They can also assist you in calculating the potential tax benefits that your family could receive from a well-executed trust. They can assist you in avoiding typical mistakes that might throw off your strategy or cause a delay in the disposal of your assets.

You may also contact the business directly or visit their website to learn more about a Chicago trusts and estate lawyer. You may arrange for an initial meeting and find out more about the attorney and their background. It’s advisable that you invest some time in learning about any previous disciplinary actions.

The Chicago-based Garofalo Law Group offers a range of legal services to people and businesses in the areas of corporate affairs, trusts, estate planning, and probate. They put a lot of effort into providing each of their clients with individualized attention, situational preparedness, creative problem-solving, and long-term partnerships. They belong to Advisors Forum, Wealth Counsel, ElderCounsel, SuperLawyers, and the Illinois State Bar Association.

Serving both domestic and foreign customers, the lawyers at this company strive to protect their family’s legacy by avoiding the sometimes drawn-out and expensive probate procedure. Additionally, they may help with the creation of corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships—all closely held corporate structures. Their attorneys are well-versed in both federal tax law and the local and state legislation that are relevant to these cases.

This legal practice focuses on estate and tax preparation for clients in the Metro region. Their area of expertise lies in assisting customers with the transfer of assets to spouses, younger family members, charities, and other individuals the client chooses to benefit. In addition, their lawyers may help with other estate planning matters such as medical directives, durable powers of attorney for money and health care, and revocable and irrevocable trusts.


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